The ClickFast Process is a comprehensive approach to working with new SEO customers. It consists of several steps that aim to optimize a website’s search performance and improve its overall online presence. We pride ourselves on being transparent, and we’ll be open and upfront about what we will do for you.

The ClickFast Process begins with introductions to establish a working relationship. Following that, a question and answer session takes place to gather crucial information. This includes learning about the business, understanding the competition in the market, and discovering why and how people find you. This is imperative to make sure we target the right audience.

The next step involves conducting a thorough site audit and overall evaluation of your online presence. This includes assessing the current optimization of the website, such as the overall user experience, the usage of headers, metadata, landing pages, fresh content, CSS and Java optimization, mobile readiness, and the presence of relevant keywords. Additionally, a competitive comparison against top-ranking sites is performed to help understand why they may be ranking higher than you.

Other elements evaluated include the presence and status of a Google Business Page, responsiveness to reviews, social media presence, and implementing a 5-star review strategy. A backlink audit is also conducted to ensure consistency in Name, Address, and Phone Numbers (NAP) and to determine if the website is appropriately listed in relevant directories.

Based on the findings from the site audit, an action plan is developed. If necessary, the website is rebuilt to optimize the user’s overall experience. The Google Business Page is optimized through regular updates, content updates, and the implementation of Heat Map tracking and Google Analytics. A social media strategy is devised to enhance the online presence, and additional backlinks are acquired to improve visibility.

Now we execute! The execution phase involves weekly content production, including blog posts, videos, curated content from other sources, social media posts, and regular updates on the Google Business Page. Daily evaluation of the website’s search engine standings is performed, with a specific emphasis on the 5-star review strategy. Finally, weekly updates are provided to ensure continuous progress and to keep the customer informed about the ongoing SEO efforts.

By following the ClickFast Process, new SEO customers can expect a systematic and comprehensive approach to optimize their website’s performance, improve its online visibility, and attract more organic traffic to achieve their business goals.